Help Your Clients Experience Extraordinary Results

Start Your Dream Career as
an Esoteric Hypnotherapist

With the Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® you can discover the ancient supreme power of hypnotherapy for the body, mind and soul and totally revolutionise your career and elevate your life to an entirely new level.
Whether you are an experienced healer or hypnotherapist, or you want to start a career helping others, you can create a soul based business doing what you are truly passionate about and help your clients experience extraordinary results with Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis®.
The Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® hypnotherapy courses enable you to become a leading edge hypnotherapist.
Work your own hours and be in charge of your time. Set your hypnotherapy business to part-time to supplement your current income or to take off in an exciting new direction as your own boss. Or build a lifestyle as a full-time esoteric hypnotherapist. You can:
  • Work in a clinic alongside other professionals
  • Have a thriving home based hypnotherapy practice
  • Offer life-changing hypnosis sessions to clients globally online
You are in charge! Choose your hours and choose your income!
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Offer Unique Highly Effective Healing Service to Your Clients

Gain Immediate and Profound
Business Advantage with Esoteric Hypnosis

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As a Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis®  hypnotherapist, you can stand out from the crowd by offering your clients sought after deep soul work.

With the revolutionary skills you acquire in our esoteric hypnotherapy courses you can gain an immediate and profound business and professional advantage as a hypnotherapist.

You can be known for delivering a totally unique and highly effective healing service to clients.

When you enrol into our hypnotherapy courses, you will be trained by the global authority on esoteric hypnosis, spiritual teacher and a multi-award winning vibrational medicine expert, Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber.

This training will enable you to reach the highest level in the healing and hypnotherapy fields.

The Only Hypnotherapy Education You Will Ever Need

Start Earning and
Growing Your Practice

No prior healing or hypnotherapy education or experience is required.

Our Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® Certificate training course has state-of-the-art information on esoteric hypnosis, spiritual hypnosis, shamanic healing hypnotherapy and deep soul work, including QAs and necessary hours of ‘hands on’ practice sessions deigned to help you get out into the world and start helping people straight after the training.

You will learn the step-by-step system and know exactly how to conduct hypnotherapy sessions that provide proven lasting results for your clients.

Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® offers you a fully certificated professional hypnotherapy pathway with Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Esoteric Hypnosis – Specialist Soul Retrieval©.

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Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® Certificate Training

Specialist Soul Retrieval©

Online On Demand 2022


Hypnotherapy Study Questions and Answers

How to Become a Certified
Hypnotherapist Q&A

Gone are the days when the only way to become a hypnotherapist was to attend a weekend or a week long class. You can now choose to become a certified hypnotherapist from the comfort of your own home.

Our students love attending the Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® training on zoom. Many say that doing the training online has enabled them to break out of in-person only sessions and begin offering hypnotherapy globally online.

As a hypnotherapist you can set your own income by choosing how many hours you work and how much you charge per hour. Traditionally the cost of a standard hypnotherapy session in New Zealand can range from NZ$100-$300 or more. This means a hypnotherapists who works full time, has an earning potential of NZ$150,000+ per year.

When working with Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® you are providing a nine-session program, not single sessions. This means for every new client you acquire, you get paid for nine-sessions instead of one. This creates a lot more freedom for you financially.

With Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® you will truly have a unique offering and a very powerful healing service that works at the deepest levels of human psyche, the levels of soul and spirit. This kind of service is not available anywhere else and is in very high demand. From our experience, our students receive client enquiries and bookings almost immediate after the training.

The price you set for your Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® nine-session program entirely depends on you and your clients.

No, you do not need any prior hypnotherapy knowledge or training in any other healing modalities. During the Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® training you will receive everything you need to successfully and confidently take your clients through the Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® session program.

Yes, you will receive a Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® Certificate and become a certified Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® Hypnotherapist. 

Our Certificate graduates have an opportunity to be listed on our website as a Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® Registered Hypnotherapist. This registered listing option if for those who are currently practicing and are available to see clients.

The listing will provide you with a page on our website where your bio, photo and contact details can be listed.

Any client enquiries that come directly to the our office are directed to that page.

You can become a qualified and certified esoteric hypnotherapist by undertaking our Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® hypnotherapy training. Our state-of-the-art online hypnotherapy courses are held over Zoom. Attending one of these courses equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to become a certified hypnotherapist and begin working with clients immediately after the training. 

Hypnotique Protocol
Esoteric Hypnosis®

Hypnosis for the Soul©